The Child Nutrition Program of Youree Drive Middle School has a goal to make available to all children at minimum cost lunches and breakfasts of Maximum Nutritive Value prepared and served under sanitary conditions.

All children need to start their day off with breakfast whether at home or at the school cafeteria for $1.00 per breakfast for full price or $0.30 for reduced or free. Adult Breakfast: $2.00.

Nutritious, well-balanced meals are important for proper growth and development. Students are encouraged to eat a school lunch in the cafeteria or bring one from home. Fast foods such as McDonald’s, Subway, Pizza Hut, etc., are not allowed in the school cafeteria. Canned and bottled soft drinks are also prohibited due to safety considerations. Full price school lunches are $2.00.  Reduced lunches are $0.40 or free. Adult Lunch: $4.15.

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Students are expected to display proper behavior while in the cafeteria. Students are excused to leave table, return tray to proper place, and clean up the area in which they eat. All foods and drinks are to be contained and consumed in the cafeteria only.

Do's Don'ts
Come to lunch with your class and your teacher

Stay at least 10 feet away from the doors and wait for permission to enter

Bring your student number if you are buying lunch from the cafeteria

Stay in your seat

Keep your hands and feet to yourself

Clean up your spills and pick up your trash, on  the table and on the floor

Raise your hand and wait for permission to leave

Exit the cafeteria by the south doors in the front of the cafeteria and dispose of your trash and foods in those trashcans only

When leaving the cafeteria, go to the basketball courts (green flag) or the auditorium (yellow flag)
Do not bring your backpack, books, etc.

Do not go on the basketball courts before coming to the cafeteria

Do not loiter

Do not come in the cafeteria if you do not eat lunch

Do not bring fast foods (McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, Pizza Hut, etc.)

Do not bring canned or bottle soft drinks

Do not throw food

Do not take food or drinks from somebody else

Do not yell, scream, etc.

Do not leave the cafeteria with foods or drinks

Do not walk around the school during lunch


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