Mrs. Elliott

Course Description
The Study Skills program is designed to assist students learn, understand, and reinforce concepts and/or assignments
presented in the general curriculum. Students have the opportunity to develop and strengthen good study habits and
learning strategies through various instructional methods and strategies.  The study skills teacher will collaborate with regular education teachers on an on-going basis to develop study strategies and design lessons to best meet academic requirements of the regular
classroom. Study Skills is a support class for students taking regular education classes. Emphasis is placed on core

Topics Addressed

Test Preparation      Test Taking Skills     Transition Planning      Organization     Learning Strategies   Learning Styles

Time Management          Research Skills    Self-Advocacy

Required Materials
 Daily Planner (planners are expected to be kept current and on hand at all times)
 Binders and/or notebooks as required by regular education classes
 Personal supply of pens, pencils, and high lighters
 Ongoing supply of index cards (used as study aid)
 Additional supplies may be required throughout the school year based on assignments and student needs

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