The YDMS archery team is based on the National Archery in the Schools Program [NASP®]. It is international, Olympic style target archery. The program is highly structured with close and direct supervision. To be clear, this is not a hunting program. Per NASP® regulations, the sport focuses on safety, technique, equipment, mental concentration, physical fitness, and self-improvement. Students are encouraged to focus on 11 steps to archery success, based on form and shot execution; it’s more than just arrow scores. Students shoot indoors at 80 cm bulls-eye targets placed in front of an arrow curtain. Shooting distances are 10 meters and 15 meters.

This is the first year for the program and the major focus is building the interest and skill for archery within the school, not competing against other schools.


Archery Club Members

Bates, Katelyn

Beasley, Kyntrell

Crank, Riley

Demming, Anthony

Gonzalez, Paola

Johnson, Khadija

Kain, Leghanna

Lee, Ho-Jun

Lemons, Ashanti

Magill, Porter

Mathews, Hayden

Richardson, Landon

Upton, Zoe

Whaley, Benjamin

Wilson, Taylor



Practice started after Thanksgiving Break. Currently, we are practicing during third hour, two days a week. I have split the archers into two groups so that they get a more individualized setting.

Tournaments will be held in-house until we can establish that all archers can follow tournament guidelines and safety protocols. This is our first year, so we need to make sure we are creating a club that is safe AND can last for years to come. For now, we will be holding 3 in-house tournaments.

To participate, archers will need to pay the $25 fee on PayForIt. If you are unfamiliar with PayForIt, then you may send your child with the money and they can pay the fee in the office. They will need to notify me when they have paid their fee. The fee goes toward a team shirt, as well as toward maintaining equipment, and hosting the tournaments.

Archers are required to behave properly in school and maintain a GPA of 1.8. Any disciplinary issues will result in dismissal. Any issues with grades will result in a suspension, until GPA increases.

I can be contacted by email at or on the Remind app. Archers are on Remind to receive notifications from me, and archery parents are welcome to join. Download the app, create an account, click join class, and type in the class code.           Class code: ydmsarcher