Band Fees: The band fee is $25. Fee covers all band expenses.

Grades: Daily grades are given in band class and for all required performances (see underneath).

In Mr. Wilson’s music class, three different families of instruments are discussed: wind (air-powered) instruments, percussion (struck) instruments, and electric (electricity-powered) instruments.  Regardless of the instrument, students will learn to read music, play the instrument in a solo and ensemble setting, and care for the instrument. All beginning band students will play a wind instrument for the first year, no exceptions.

Beginning music classes (listed performances are encouraged, but not required).

  1. Solo and ensemble (April)

Intermediate/Advanced Band (all listed performances are required).

  1. Winter concert December 7, 2017 6pm YDMS Auditorium
  2. Solo and ensemble (April)
  3. Spring concert (May) 6pm YDMS Auditorium

Intermediate/Advanced Drumline (all listed performances are required).

  1. Last two home football games/playoffs/city championship (if applicable)
  2. Winter concert December 7, 2017 6pm YDMS Auditorium
  3. Solo and ensemble in April
  4. Spring concert in May 6pm YDMS Auditorium

Dress for Performances

Drumline for football games (School dress code applies) drumline t-shirt, school pants, school shoes.

Intermediate/Advanced band-Winter and Spring concert-Guys in ties, girls in dresses or something comparable. No semi-revealing clothing will be allowed on stage, please use good judgement.  All students participating in solo and ensemble, school dress is fine.

Call me if you have any questions! Mr. Wilson