Middle School League-This is NOT CABOSA


Boys Team Members:

  1. Mohammed Awwad 8th
  2. Mohammed Musa 8th
  3. Zane Wyss 8th
  4. Cayden Keller 6th
  5. Lucas May 6th
  6. Caven C. 8th
  7. Gage Daughtery. 7th
  8. Amari Tims 6th
  9. Cayden Valenty 6th
  10. Collin Deere 6th
  11. Omar Musa 7th
  12. Brushon White 7th
  13. Nathan Thomas 7th
  14. Ian Mouton. 7th
  15. Parker Yoakum 7th
  16. Braxton Heffern 7th
  17. Chase Woodall 8th
  18. Juran Tores 7th
  19. Ethan Nusbaum 7th
  20. Brewer Mixon 7th
  21. Cy Guillory 8th
  22. JT Hester 8th
  23. Aiden Rideout 8th

If you did not make the team, please join us for practices.

Practices will start next week and will be on Monday and Wednesday. Practice will start after school and end at 5:15.

Remind Code: boysyouree




Coach Morris- Contact Info: armorris@caddoschools.org

Coach Salinas- Contact Info: asalinas@caddoschools.org

While this league is not Cabosa, the two coaches will be coaching the Cabosa team. Cabosa is highly recommended and is lots of fun. Sign-up for Cabosa will be advertised during the year.