Girls Team Members 2020

  1. Sadel Zeidan 7th
  2. Heavenly Wiggins 7th
  3. Kailee Mitchell 6th
  4. Camila Diaz 8th
  5. Aminah Rasheed 6th
  6. Allison Guerrero 8th
  7. Hallie Guerra 8th
  8. Eva Gonzales 8th
  9. Sophie McFarlain 8th
  10. Gabby McFarlain 8th
  11. Gabby Ball 7th
  12. Jocelyn Sands 7th
  13. Sophia Rimmer 8th
  14. Omi McGuirk 8th
  15. Joey Comerford 8th
  16. Emily McCalman 8th
  17. Violet Collier 7th
  18. Kaylyn Davis 8th
  19. Gretchen Anderson 8th
  20. Lauren Wiggins 6th
  21. Cadence Collins 8th
  22. Zoey Rambin
  23. Anna Reynolds


If you did not make the team please join us for practice. Girls will practice on Tuesday, and Thursday after school until 5:15! 

Remind Code: @girlyouree





Coach Morris- Contact Info:

Coach Salinas- Contact Info:

While this league is not Cabosa, the two coaches will be coaching the Cabosa team. Cabosa is highly recommended and is lots of fun. Sign-up for Cabosa will be advertised during the year.