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Maria Edwards, Principal
Kathryn Ferguson,
Assistant Principal of Instruction
David Elledge,
Assistant Principal of Discipline
Greg Grace, Administrative Assistant


Ashley Peters, 6th Grade
Roslyn Davis, 7th Grade
Janet Bacon, 8th Grade



Lori Barrow, Orchestra
Ilze Martinez Briones, Spanish
Jennifer Duhon, Dyslexia Services
Lisa Elliott, SPED
Lauren George, Study Skills
Jennifer Githens, 6th-8th Business
Allyson Havens, SPED 6-8
Cara Johnston, SPED 6-8
Julie Joiner, SPED
Knedra Reader, SPED
Michael Roboski, Art
Geoffrey Wilson, Band
Jewett Winston, Choir

English/Language Arts

Katherine Beeman, 8th Grade
Brittiany Claiborne, 8th Grade
Malonda Clark, 6th Grade
Madison Curry, 6th Grade
Louise Dove, 8th Grade
Teri Durst, 8th Grade
Ladon Gaines, 7th Grade
Chelsea Gary, 7th Grade
Susan Gray, GT 6-8
Cornell Hunter, 6th Grade
Janet Nash, 6th & 8th Grade
Nathan Salvail, 6th Grade
Mallori Sanders, 7th Grade
Ashley Staniford, 6th Grade
Mallory Warren, 7th Grade


Michelle Barnickel, 8th Grade
Michelle Caplis, 6th Grade
Linda Coffman, 7th Grade
Martye Golden, 7th Grade
Lindsey Haase, GT 6-8th
Claire Johnson, 6th-7th Grade
Jennifer Meier, 7th Grade
Nicole Morton, 7th Grade
Sarah Ray, 7th Grade
Wendy Robinson, 7th Grade
Ben Simmons, 8th Grade
Rachel Sith, 8th Grade
Michele Theriot, 8th Grade

Physical Education

Lory Kowaleski
Gerald Longmire
Casey Martin
Benji Piazza
Debra Williams


Christopher Bell, 7th Grade
Heather Cregut, 6th-8th Grade
Christine Dobbs, 6th Grade
Brittany Etheredge, 6th & 8th Grade
Machela Leonard, 7th Grade
Miles McDowell, 8th Grade/Engineering
Shondolyn Truman, 8th Grade

Social Studies

Joshua Cason, 6th Grade
Emily Finch, 7th Grade
Amy Harper, 8th Grade
Ashley Salinas, 7th Grade
Brooke Saulsbury, 8th Grade
Heather Waida, 6th Grade
Jody Webb, 7th Grade



Susan Hearon, Librarian