About Me

My name is Mr. Delcominette. I come from Belgium. I have been working for Caddo Parish since August, 2000. I also taught French in Kansas City (Missouri) for two years. I have been the KYDS adviser since 2004. I am delighted to be teaching your child this year.

French – High School

Through daily instruction, your child will not only acquire some skills that will enable him/her to communicate in French but also gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures. Furthermore, connections will be made with other areas of learning (math, social studies, …). Last but not least, studying a foreign language promotes and develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

French HS Syllabus

Foreign Language Standards and Curriculum

Broadcast Journalism

The purpose of the broadcast journalism program is to provide information and entertainment to students at Youree Drive Middle School and the surrounding community. Our program exists to serve the students, staff, and community as a medium of communication and to provide a learning experience in some aspects of television and radio production for students enrolled in the program. In producing programs for the show, technical crews and on-air persons should strive for the highest degree of professionalism possible.

Broadcast Journalism Syllabus

See our show at kydstv.com


Useful online resources: mrd247.com

Classroom procedures

Best way to contact me: Otus

Otus allows me to create online assessments and to communicate with parents. All the students accounts have already been created. Students will use their Caddo Google account to access Otus. They just need to go to my.otus.com and then click on the Google icon to log in with their Caddo-Google credentials.

Once logged in, students will be able to see their student code in their profile. Each student has an individual code that is needed for parents to connect with their child and classes on Otus. Once you have your child’s student code, please use it to create your own account and connect with the class. Here is a link with detailed instructions: docs.google.com/document/d/1Td6_4uYDpRbWgTPsFDnf8LnrM091KqjYi0YTX5R1_90/edit

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at gdelcominette@caddoschools.org. You may also call the school (868-5324) and leave a message.