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Entering Classroom:

  • Upon entering the classroom, students are expected to be quiet and get ready to begin learning.
  • Any assignment/homework that is due must be taken out immediately and placed on students’ desk.
  • If student has not completed assignment/homework, a Yellow Card must be filled out and put on desk in place of assignment.
  • While homework is being checked, students will prepare for the bell ringer by documenting today’s goal in their journal/binder.

                           No student will be admitted to class late without an admit from the office or teacher.

Tardies:  Students who are ­­­­­­NOT seated when the bell rings, will receive a tardy.

Absent/Missed Assignments: Upon your return from being absent, students will need to check with teacher for make-up work at the beginning or end of class- NOT during class.   The student is responsible for getting any missed work if they are absent.  Caddo Parish Policy regarding make-up work will be strictly followed.  NO EXCEPTIONS!! 

Paper Heading:  Each paper should include the student’s name, date & class period in the upper right corner on the lines of the paper.  In the upper right margin students must put their assigned number. I will not accept papers with frayed edges and that are not notebook/loose leaf paper sized (ex: ripped from a journal, or paper from a smaller notebook. Papers not done in this format may receive a lowered grade or will not be accepted.

Grades: Grades will come from homework, classwork, quizzes, and tests. The value of these will be assigned according to difficulty and extent of effort.

Homework: Homework will be given occasionally. It will count as 10% of final grades. If a student does not have their homework on the assigned date, they will have to fill out a Yellow Card and accept a ZERO. Homework can be checked for completion, showing work, or for correct answers.

A Yellow Card asks for the student’s name, date, assignment, student signature, and teacher signature. After 3 Yellow Cards, parent contact will be made. This allows for students to accept responsibility and for documentation to be placed in their folders.

Quizzes: Quizzes are at the end of a lesson or set of lessons.

Tests: Tests are given at different points within each unit and at the end of units.

Classwork/Activities: Students are required to be attentive, focused and participate during class.

Graded Papers:  All graded work is kept until the end of the year in the students’ classroom folders.

Grades:  Students and parents can access grades 24/7 using JPAMS.  The link is is located at  at the top of the homepage under “Student Progress Center.” I update grades several times a week.

Class rules: Are posted at the front of the classroom.  Each student is required to abide by these rules as well as the rules laid out in the YDMS Student Handbook.

If a student chooses to not follow the rules and procedures of the classroom, then the student will be required to fill out a Red Card.

A Red Card will ask for that student’s name, date, the misbehavior or rule/procedure not followed, the student’s signature, and the teacher’s signature. After 3 Red Cards parent contact will be made. This allows for students to accept responsibility and for documentation to be placed in their folders.

Phones: Phones/tablets will be allowed for some instructional purposes.  However, if a student takes advantage of this privilege or is seen using it during unauthorized times, it will be confiscated and sent to the discipline office.

Leaving Class: Once students enter the room, they are not allowed to leave until the lesson is complete. Students may only leave with permission and a hall pass signed by the teacher. (Exceptions are made for students who have a note from their doctor.)

Conferences/Contact Me:  Please email me with any concerns.  My email address is If you would like to schedule a conference with me, please call the counselor’s office.  My planning period is from 1:09 – 2:00. If you would like to speak to me by phone, please contact me at my email to schedule a time. This is so I can prepare and have your child’s folder readily available.

Class rules: Are posted at the front of the classroom.  Each student is required to abide by these rules as well as the rules laid out in the YDMS Student Handbook.

Chromebooks/Google classroom: All students have a google classroom email through the parish.  My classroom will be utilizing this service regularly inside and outside the classroom.  It is the students’ responsibility to check the classroom for assignments and announcements. I will constantly monitor students’ usage and reserve the right to block any student for behavior that is not appropriate or that does not follow Caddo Parish policy.  (NO FOOD OR DRINKS)

Remind 101: Joining Remind 101 is optional and does not replace the student writing daily assignments in the planner. This notifies parents of upcoming tests and assignments. To join text @ydms705 to 81010.

Third hour JTE has a separate Remind. For third hour, text @guin705hr to 81010.

Resources: Online resources are available for students and families at; select grade 6 under families or students, and then choose the particular unit and lesson in question.

************************************************************************************************************************************************************** If a student loses their workbook, they will not be provided another. They will be required to follow along with the online resource and take notes in a binder or composition book. The online resource for students is a replica of the workbook.


Additional Supplies:

Boys: one roll of paper towels

Girls: one box of Kleenex

Teacher wish list: pencils, Clorox wipes, colored printer paper, tons of EXPO markers!!


The easiest way to contact me is through email:





The following is the planned course outline.  The approximate months are listed and subject to change. Topics and timeline may be adjusted to each classroom situation.  The student is responsible for writing the daily assignments in the planner.  At the end of each lesson there will be a quiz and a comprehensive test at the end of each Module/Unit.


AUGUST Unit 1 –  Area and Surface Area
AUGUST/SEPTEMBER Unit 1 –  Area and Surface AreaUnit 2 – Ratios
SEPTEMBER Unit 2 – Ratios
OCTOBER Unit 3 – Unit Rate and Percentages
NOVEMBER Unit 4 – Dividing Fractions
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER Unit 4 – Dividing FractionsUnit 5 – Arithmetic in Base Ten
DECEMBER Unit 5 – Arithmetic in Base Ten
JANUARY Unit 6 – Expressions and Equations
FEBRUARY Unit 7 – Rational Numbers
MARCH Unit 7 – Rational Numbers
MARCH/APRIL Unit 8 – Data Sets and Distributions
APRIL Unit 8 – Data Sets and Distributions
APRIL/MAY State Testing Window    Review EnrichmentPrepare for Seventh Grade