Mr. Hunter’s ELA/ Reading Class 2018-19


Welcome to Youree Drive Middle School.  My name is Mr. Hunter. I will be your Reading and ELA teacher.   I am looking forward to a very productive school year.




It’s hard to pass school if you are not here to gain the knowledge. Every day missed, puts you seven (7) classes behind.



  1. Come to class on time and prepared (pens, papers and brains ready).
  2. Neatness and organization are expected. (If I can’t read it, I can’t grade it)
  3. Respect everyone and everything around you.




  1. Reminder: Student will be reminded of the class expectations.
  2. Warning: Student will be given a verbal warning
  3. Redirection: Student will be given a focused task to complete.
  4. Referral/ write up will be recorded onto JPAMS.


Dear parents/ guardians, please realize, for any student to be written up in my class, he or she would have to disrupt the class at least four times within a class period, or repeatedly over time for the same behavior.


Daily Reading and Homework


Students should be reading at least 20-25 pages per day from their library books.  All students are responsible for reading 20 minutes per day during class.  If reading isn’t completed during the class period, it should be done at home. AR tests must be taken in class, in my presence, to ensure that the person that read the book is the person taking the test.  Each AR point earned is worth 10 class/homework points).  Students are responsible for checking out books and determining the AR value of the book.  AR books are to be brought to class for daily reading.







Late Assignments and Projects


Students will be assigned two projects. The first project will be related to the poetry unit.  The end of the year project will be based on researching an author and writing a book review.  Each project is worth 100 points.Late assignments are always accepted.  Students are docked a letter grade for every day past the assignments due date.




Every student starts each quarter with 100 participation points.  Students will be docked participation points for violating class rules, not having supplies or disrupting the educational flow of the classroom.


Weekly Agenda


Monday–     1.Weekly Vocabulary Intro (20 words per week)

  1.       Vocabulary Notes and Term Search
  2. AR Reading Time


Tuesday–     1.  Peer Editing and Proofreading

  1.         Grammar Practice
  2. AR Reading Time


Wednesday 1. Essay Writing/ Constructed Response Practice

  1.    Computer Usage/ Techr

nology Application

  1. AR Reading Time


Thursday    1. Vocabulary Review / Guided Notes

  1. Genre Specific Reading or Short Story Practice
  2.             AR Reading Time


Friday         1. Peer Review and Comprehension Check

  1.        Vocabulary Test
  2.    AR Reading Time

NOTE:  This weekly agenda is meant to be an overview. On some days, assignments may be adjusted due to school activities; assignment updates, or needed re-teaching of a certain skill or topic.


Grading Scale


A = 93-100

B =  85- 92

C =  75- 84

D = 67- 74

F =   0- 66



Note: Total points will be calculated using a formula of – Points Earned/ Total Points Possible.  This will then be reflected as a letter grade (A-F), based on the percentages listed above.  Students must have excused absences to be excused from an assignment.

Materials/ Supply List


  1. Pens (Black or Blue): All assignments are to be written in pen. I will provide pencils when needed.
  2. Loose-leaf paper. Please, no spiral notebooks. This helps minimize papers being ripped from notebooks.
  3. Composition Notebook (for writing/ essay practice; to be kept in class)
  4. Library/ AR BOOKS (Library Books are to be brought to class daily).