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Mr Loper


7th and 8th grade social studies course syllabus:

7th grade American History students will understand the democratic foundations that shaped the early history of the United States of America. By examining how the young nation responded to challenges from its declaration of independence from Britain through the Reconstruction, students can explain how society, the environment, the political and economic landscape, and historical events influence perspectives, values, traditions, and principles found in the United States.

8th grade, Louisiana History topics of study include: Louisiana’s Physical and Cultural Geography, Economics in Louisiana, Louisiana’s Government, Early Peoples of Louisiana and a Meeting of Different Worlds, The Acadian Odyssey, The Early American Era of Louisiana, Civil War and Reconstruction, Transitions to the Twentieth Century, Eras of World War II and Civil Rights and Louisiana Ends the Twentieth Century and Enters the Twenty-First.

Materials needed for these courses are included in the supply list for 7th and 8th grade students at Youree Drive Advanced Placement Magnet