7th Grade Science & Engineering Teacher

Mrs. Prestenbach

Youree Drive AP Magnet



Distance learning office hours 10am-2pm

Google classroom codes

1st hour: vnsepmz

3rd hour: 4ngesq3

4th hour: cl2fclx

5th hour: luzjnn5

6th hour: xjnjevt

7th hour: pgr2vll


  1. 7th Grade Science RULES
  • Be in your seat when the bell rings and remain in your seat unless given permission to leave.
  • Bring all necessary materials to class and follow directions.
  • Treat others as you would want to be treated
  • Supplies needed: 

    – pencils, pencils, more pencils

    – Composition Notebook

    – Colored Pencils


    Headphones- we use technology a lot and this is important for some assignments.

    Boys: Paper Towels  Girls: Tissue

    These are additional supplies that we will need throughout the year: (Bonus Points given)

    -clear scotch tape    – stick glue

    -hand sanitizer        – tissue

  1. Consequences (if you choose to break a rule)

*  1st offense: Warning

*  2nd offense: Student/teacher conference

*  3rd offense:  Parent will be notified

*  4th offense: Parent/teacher conference

*  5th offense:  Office referral

* Severe disruptions: Student sent immediately to the office.

 Be respectful of yourself, your classmates, and your teacher.  Always behave as ladies and gentlemen; use mannerisms and language appropriate for school.

  1. Do not disturb anything around the room! This includes any lab equipment and experiment set-ups, any items on the front tables, drawers, cabinets, etc.
  2. Come to class prepared with all materials and be ready to learn!
  3. Do your work! ALL homework is due the next day unless otherwise instructed.  No late work will be accepted.  Cheating/copying will result in a zero for the assignment.  Make up work is your responsibility.  Check the class website for missed assignments. Sign up for Remind 101!!!
  4. Follow directions. Listen carefully the first time.  Ask questions if you do not understand.
  5. Lab safety rules must be followed at all times! Students who chose to not follow the rules will be punished accordingly.

Science Class Information


You will keep everything you do in science, for a whole semester, in your composition notebook.  Your notebook will be collected periodically for grading.

** All grades are calculated on a percentage correct.  This is the number of correct answers divided by the total number of points.

Homework Policy

Homework is not assigned often.  It is the student’s responsibility to complete any classwork that he/she may not have completed in class.

Types of work

Classwork/ ISN (Interactive student notebook)- Classwork will be graded along with periodic notebook checks. Students are responsible to keep their notebooks up to date.  There are always extra copies of work in a class folder that is easily accessible to the student.

 Lab Work – Lab work will be done individually or with a partner or group.  It is important for you to contribute and participate when working with a partner or group.  Not contributing or non-participation may result in an alternate assignment that will be completed in the office.  All students must follow lab instruction and safety rules.

 Quizzes – Quizzes will be given randomly as we review the material and/or chapter.  Most quizzes will be announced, however, pop quizzes will pop up!

Tests – There will be a test at the end of each chapter.  The chapter test will require you to use several different learning skills from lower-level recall and recognition of facts to higher-level interpretation and critical thinking skills.  There will also be short answer/essay questions.  A review sheet will be given before the test.

Science Starters – This is a daily grade.  Each day is worth 5 points.  These will be completed on google classroom

Extra Credit

Extra credit opportunities will be available.  Any student who has MULTIPLE missing assignments, or MULTIPLE absences, will not be able to take advantage of any extra credit opportunities until all work is completed and turned in.


I believe it is important to be in school every day.  It is your responsibility to make up work from your absence.  Missed labs will not be made up, however, an alternative assignment may be given if deemed appropriate.  Absent work may be placed in your classes box.

Lab Equipment

When we do lab activities, you will be responsible for the lab equipment.  Restitution will be made by the student for any intentional breakage or destruction of lab equipment.  All lab supplies and equipment must be cleaned, put away, and accounted for before class will be dismissed.

Student Responsibility

YOU are responsible for your learning and being prepared.  If you don’t understand something or are confused, please see me for help!  Don’t wait until the test to ask for help – it’s too late by then!  You cannot fail science (or anything) if you give 100% effort.  So I expect you to always do your best and you will be on your way to success!!!

Science Grades:

Bell activities, notebook, class work/labs, homework, participation, and test/quizzes

Grading Scale:

93-100 A

85-92 B

75-84 C

74-67 D

66-0 F


  • Carley Prestenbach, 7th Grade Life Science
  • (318) 364-3115
  • cprestenbach@caddoschools.org

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