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Mrs. Sonnier
Contact Information:

Instructional Goals
At the end of this course, you will:

Needs and Resources
To successfully complete this course you must know basic Science as Inquiry skills such as critical, logical and creative-thinking skills as to be applied to real life situations.

Required Materials
To successfully complete this course you will need a composition book for the ISN (Interactive Science Notebook) pens (red, black, blue, green) and pencils as I do not take ink.

Additional Print Resources
Will be in the form of handouts.

Online Resources

Course Schedule
August 14-September 8
September 11-October 13
October 19-November 17
November 27 – December 20
January 8 – February 14
February 22 – March 23
April 3 – May 4
May 7 -May 17 STEM
All make-up work is the student’s responsibilit

Policies and Procedures
Bring your materials to class daily.
Stay in your seat unless told otherwise.
When you need to sharpen a pencil, hold your pencil up until I tell you to sharpen it.
Raise your hand and do not speak until called on.
Keep hands, feet, and comments to yourself.
DO NOT TALK BACK, it will result in a referral.
Be in class on time as all tardies will be reported to the discipline office.
Be respectful of yourself, your classmates, and your teacher. Always act as ladies and gentlemen; use mannerisms and language appropriate for school.
Do not disturb anything around the room. This includes any lab equipment and experiment set-ups, any items on the lab tables, drawers, cabinets, etc.
Come to class prepared with all materials and be ready to learn.
Do your own work. Cheating and copying will result in a zero for all involved.
First offense – a repremand
Second offense – a teacher student conference
Third offense – parent contact
Fourth offense – referral to discipline office

Grading Policies:
I do not five extra credit work. All assignments are due on the date given and any late work will receive one half credit. No work will be accepted after a three day late period. I do not give homework often as I want to do the work with your child. Quizes and participation grades will be 100 points each.

Grading Scale
A 93-100
B 92-85
C 75-84
D 67-74
F 0-66