YDMS Volleyball Team


Ms. Saulsbury’s email: Lbsaulsbury@caddoschools.org


Please look over the following and find your tournament teams. Your teams will be the same throughout all the tournaments.

Please show up one hour before your game time. If you are reffing first you need to be there thirty minutes before start time.

Please note the highlighted games.  If teams win, they keep playing!  We will have 3 championships: 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade:


-8th Grade is “Do or Die” – if you lose, your team cannot move on – therefore games will be best of 3 instead of two sets to 25 (the third set – if needed – will be to 15, win by two).  If your team loses, you’ll ref the next game then you’re out.


-7th Grade is similar to how we’ve been playing the other two tournaments: 3 team pools with two sets only, the winners of each pool will enter the “Championship Pool” of 3, and play each other the same way, the team with best set score wins the championship.  In case of a tie, the team with the most points will win.


-6th Grade (at Northwood) is “Do or Die” – if your team loses, you ref the next game then you’re done.

6th Grade at NORTHWOOD games be there by 8:30!

Time Referee 6th Grade Championship
9:00 AM Haughton Gray Youree 6th vs. DB Patriots
9:45 Loser previous Haughton Gray vs Winner of previous
10:30 Loser of previous CMM 6 Blue vs CMM 6 Gold
11:15 Loser of Previous Championship

(winner of 9:45 vs winner of 11:15)




Everyone but 6th grade is at Calvary

Youree Spartans first game at 9 (be there at 8:30)

Youree Gold first game at 11:15 (be there at 10:15)

Youree 8th Grade first game at 1:30 ( be there at 12:30)

Youree Black first game at 3 (be there at 2)


Youree Black  

1.     Braxton Heffern

2.     Ainsley Petty

3.     Jewel Moreau

4.     Morgan Bedford

5.     Madlyn Presley

6.     Parish Bleich

7.     Makayla Glass

8.     Emma Prestanbach

9.     Marliegh Brown

10.   Jamiya Walker

Youree 8th

1.     Annalise George

2.     Bra’anna Leviston

3.     Carrington Hill

4.     Claire Denson

5.     Elaine Hoffman

6.     Jaliyah Allen

7.     Bethany Tucker

8.     Jaycee Vosley

9.     Ka’maya Ford

10.   Kadence Robinson

11.   Ke’Vionna Gordon

Youree 6th

1.     Carrine Smith

2.     Izabella Daugherty

3.     Jae’Leigha Thomas

4.     Samantha Lee

5.     Sophie Anderson

6.     Tizrah Tisdon

7.     Zoey Bogan

8.     Christopher Donatelli

9.     Ashleyn Ray

Youree Gold

  1. Maloree Morgan
  2. Gianna Rhymes
  3. Trinity Wilson
  4. Layla Simmons
  5. Layla Foshee
  6. Samantha McDonald
  7. Alyson Peyton
  8. Layne Airhart
  9. Ma’kayla Vance
  10. Elaina Armstrong
  11. Madison Jenkins
Youree Spartans

  1. Lisa Nguyen
  2. Zariah Bogan
  3. Sheniah Kennedy
  4. Savannah Collins
  5. Minami Dump
  6. Kaylin Freeman
  7. Kaitlyn Moore
  8. Ka’mya Allen
  9. Laney Judd
  10. Zion Smith
  11. Taylor Franklin









Must be signed up by Saturday 8/28 to be eligible to participate. All fees to TC Elite must be paid to be eligible to participate. Use the link below to sign up. Please print and turn in the following form to Ms. Saulsbury by practice on Friday. A link to pay your volleyball fee has been sent to your email.


  • Signups MUST be done by Saturday (8/28) and MUST include an email or you will be kicked out. 
    • EMAILS are MANDATORY to be able to send paperwork and payment information. 
    • We are playing through TC Elite Club all paperwork and payments will be through them. 
    • Paperwork and payments are due in full by Wednesday, September 1st. 
      • Must have all of this done to practice
    • FEE $150
  • Practice shirt and uniform (jersey) 
  • Court shoes (Tennis shoes or Volleyball court shoes. NO CONVERS!) and black shorts 

Practice Times and Tournaments 

    • Mondays – @ Christus Schumpert – Healthplex drive 
      • 5-6:30  6:30-8
    • Fridays at YDMS 
      • 4-5:30 – 5:30-7
  • Tournaments
    • Tournaments will be September 18, 25 and October 9 – locations TBD